Is there room for an Ubuntu powered smart-phone?

Canonical had experimented and discarded the idea of a mobile device centric version of its popular desktop OS Ubuntu. However, a closer look at the current smart-phone OS market makes me believe there is room for the company to revisit the idea of a mobile version of the OS, this time, targeted at smart-phones and not the ambiguous MID.
Given the fact that more people are buying smart-phones today than pcs, and even more people are getting exposed to the internet via their phones (Africa, Asia), the market for smart-phones only seems to be in its early stages.
For Ubuntu to reach the critical mass that it’s still struggling to in the desktop arena, a very useful, well designed mobile OS could prove useful. Though some may argue it’s not pure Linux per se, Android seems to be living proof that you can get more people to use Linux without they even knowing.
Also Android has proven that Windows can be beaten. Of course one may argue there’s no need for another Linux based mobile OS since we have Android, WebOS and Meego. As to why Meego seems to be taking an eternity to even take off I don’t know but before Android there was WinMobile, Symbian, and the BlackBerry OS. But look at how things have been upset with the introduction of iOS and Android.
Canonical could achieve a lot if it can replicate the modest success it’s chalked on the desktop in the mobile OS sphere. This will also go a long way to give consumers even more choice and also bring Linux to even more Joes! After all, that has always been the dream of all Linux enthusiasts.

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  1. Could not find a wikipedia article on that. Don't know if it's discontinued or something. But sure, it really would be nice to finally have all the options the market can offer.

  2. E-17 has a mobile version. E-17 is a very well thought interface. A fridge is coming, I guess from Samsung, with E-17 as its DE interface.

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