Socially- Making Your Phone More Socially Aware

Socially is a social media app that runs on both Android and Symbian, that aims to bring your social graph right in sync with other areas of your phone. The application aims to bring your social data to your address book and calendar.
It syncs your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn data with that of your address book. The sync photos feature for instance, will sync your contacts’ photos with that of their latest Facebook profile pics
Some of the notable features of this app are
  • Socially aware address book and calendar
  • Location of anonymous callers
  • Push social notifications
  • Social info of caller on calling screen
  • Call barring 
All the above features are customizable to your preferences. What I like very much about Socially is the push notifications it comes with. I like its unobtrusiveness. 
However, one thing that I seriously don’t like is the time interval for fetching updates. The shortest I can see on the settings tab is 30 mins. That is a long time in social world. I’d expect to have something like 3 mins somewhere also so I can choose if I want more updates often. 
Other than this, Socially is a great app that I recommend you give a try to enrich your mobile life. Search for it on the Ovi and Android markets on your Nokia and Android phones respectively.

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