Is Facebook the new Apple?

The ‘fanaticism’ with which Apple loyalists follow the company has always boggled my mind and I’m sure that of those who live outside most of the company’s reality distortion field. Nowadays however, Apple seems to have a competitor for unrelenting loyalists: Facebook.
The coverage of the recent announcement by the company (Facebook) of its new messaging system was a typical example of the Apple fanboyism in overdrive. Suddenly there were headlines screaming how the Facebook all in one messaging was going to be a Gmail killer and all sorts of hyperboles. 
Honestly, nothing Facebook has announced recently deserves all the media headlines it’s been getting especially from the North American giant tech blogs. But a service with a supposed more than half a billion *registered* users, every word from them is news. 
This brings me to the question, is Facebook the new Apple? With unrelenting press coverage and a desire by some bloggers to see everything get killed by Facebook, are we witnessing a new ‘cult of Facebook’ in the making?

Then too with a desire on the part of both companies to control every facet of your interaction with their respective platforms such that you only take what they think is right for you, I see a growing resemblance between the two companies.

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