Ask yourself these two Questions before buying your next hardware

The pace at which new technology gadgets are released everyday can be very dizzying. Backed by very aggressive marketing campaigns, we increasingly keep coming under pressure to change our devices and equipment to the latest ones that just rolled down the factory.

But do we really need all those very shiny and powerful gizmos? What is the real price for every one of those gadgets that we buy? Of course one may argue that in a free market, they can buy all they want as long as they have the means to. I’d have wholeheatedly agreed with that if the real cost of owing all those electronic gadgets was limited to what you pay over the counter.

But then take a look at this video. Have you ever asked yourself where all those computers, printers and other things you disposed off ended up? Do you really need that computer with a bazillion gigs of memory and all that power?

You might be safe from the pollution that the hardware and software companies induce through their very powerful marketing strategies, but for people like yours truly, we bear the full brunt of it.

Next time you go out shopping for gadgets, ask yourself two questions: do you really need it, and what is the real price aside what’s displayed on the price tag.

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