What Is Happening to Technology Reporting these Days?

Copy and paste, App Store for desktop machines, multitasking. What do all these have in common? Pat yourself on the back if you answered they’re news. Yes, they’re news, in 2010/2011!

I never cease to be amazed at how tech journalism/blogging could be so shallow. Apple introduces the Mac store and it’s headlines almost instantly. Like seriously? The ability to manage programs on a computer from an integrated control centre is really news? Or multitasking for the iPhone?

Or take Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 upcoming update that is said to be coming with copy and paste. In 2011? And this is really news? Anyone who has used a feature phone from Nokia in the last Lord knows how long will really laugh at this. And yet we have writers falling over each other to report these mundane and almost anachronistic news.

In all honesty, I think tech reporting is fast falling into the gutters. Rather than critically questioning the status quo, techno journalists/bloggers rather swallow all the crapolla from companies like Apple and Microsoft and regurgitate to the mostly uninformed masses. We end up applauding companies for introducing things competitors had long ago and make it seem like a novel thing.

Thanks to blind fanboism of tech bloggers, iPhone users smile because they now can multitask, Mac OSX users because they now have an app store and Windows P7 users because they’ll be getting copy and paste soon. Let’s keep getting people enslaved to archaic platforms through our writings. That’s the new definition of journalism/blogging right?

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