When Real Phones are Objects of Change

What is a mobile phone? How do we ascertain the benefit of a mobile phone? There’s currently a lot of noise going on about ‘smartphones’ and which is the best. And most of the time, the Apple fanatics seem to be the loudest. But in a world of over 6 billion people, the story is very different when one steps out of their comfort zone.
The real value of a mobile phone is not the shiny icons that comes with it, but it’s ability to transform lives, add value to the lives of the less fortunate. The following videos show when real phones, not expensive iPhones or Androids, but very low cost phones, help transform lives. 
Next time when you take out your phone and want to brag how nice your shiny icons are, remember that there are very low end phones doing amazing things out there. Let’s also give credit to the companies that produce affordable phones that meet the budget of everyday people like those in the videos.

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