The Nokia N900- Long Live the Device

I was pretty much excited when I bought my N900 device. I knew I had made a right choice by going for the ‘eternal’ device from Nokia, the legendary mobile phone maker. I was really looking forward to MeeGo when Nokia would finally shift to it as their primary platform in their fightback strategy. But now I am left wondering if my judgment was right.
With the new Microsoft shareholder turned CEO of  Nokia, the successor to Maemo 5, the N900 OS, that we all know as MeeGo is as good as dead. I personally felt really disappointed at the news that MeeGo was going to be used in powering devices that are meant to ‘disrupt’, whatever that means. If you ask me, I’d simply tell you Nokia made the biggest strategic blunder in their entire 143 year history. But that’s the subject of another post.
I just want to make a tribute to the N900, the best phone ever released by Nokia, and probably the last. As a mobile computer with phone capabilities built in, the device is everything a user could ever hope for. More than a device, it was a converged communication device that does what it is meant to do, with no flaws.
Take Conversations, your unified messaging box that has all your IMs and SMS. And by IM I mean on all networks, from Google Talk to Yahoo to Skype to you name it. With a threaded view, you can always see the context of your messages. Tap on a message and see every single one you’ve ever sent or received from that contact.
Then there is the Voip integration on the device. At the time of the release, it really was ahead of the it’s time. Simply enter your Skype and Google Talk credentials and you have the two Voip networks integrated into your phone calling function. Tap a contact and you automatically get an option to either call them via GSM or Skype. Never seen such tight and seamless integration. 
And then the browser. Think of your desktop browser on your palms. Page rendering on a mobile device like never before. Add the availability of Firefox mobile with support for addons and you are ahead of any single device out there in surfing the internet!
For power users, there is the terminal that makes completing tasks a matter of entering a few commands. With Debian, you have a full fledged, powerful OS running the device. I could go on and on about the N900. It’s still a device that can compete head on with most of the high end devices out there. Nokia seriously had a winner in the N900. They only needed to convince people it was not just for geeks. 
Like I said, Nokia found itself in a rut and kept on digging. Now they’ve been given a helping hand by none other than Redmond. In as much as I am disappointed about their utter smashing of MeeGo from their strategic lineup, I’m glad I still got this device. 
Though Nokia has decided to jump a strong ship that can withstand the toughest storms to one that is still struggling to make any impact, Intel has reaffirmed their continuous support for MeeGo. Also, what really gives me hope is what we commonly refer to as Community. Yes, the community hardly disappoints. Long live the Nokia N900…my last Nokia device!

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