On Nokia going down Microsoft’s Lane

Oh, boy, how I wanted to write something about this travesty.
Well, let’s start enumerating the issues:

1-Where were the Nokia’s shareholders minds, when they brought Elop onboard Nokia?

2-The man is a bureaucrat, he’s not a techie. I mean,  bureaucrats do what bureaucrats do: cut costs and fire people.

3-Nokia needs a visionary, not a bureaucrat. They need a Jobs, not another Ron Hovsepian. And Hovsepian things is what Elop will do

4-Oh, no, the guy says they’re standing on a burning platform, and then, he tries to extinguish fire with gasoline… That’s amazing.

5-Nokia has years of development with Symbian and a fair amount of time developing Meego. They crossed all the way the ocean, and, when they are about to reach the shore, the “CEO” says: No, let’s backtrack and forget all we’ve done so far. Jeesus Merciful, what a MORON.

6-And then, he speaks about ecosystems, saying Nokia’s attempts  produced no results. Ok, I give him that, let’s say that would be true(it’s not). Well, what the Einstein does then? Chooses a platform with NO ECOSYSTEM AT ALL. Oh, boy, are you sure this guy is not suffering from detachment from reality ?

7-Then, make all that noise Nokia’s in trouble. It’s not. Actually, M$ is in more trouble than Nokia. The fact is, Nokia’s suffers because it’s big. What’s easier to move around? An elephant or an ant ? Nokia’s gigantic size is their problem, they can’t move fast enough, and can’t match Apple’s speed, since Apple has only Hypefone to take care, nor Google’s speed, since Google only makes the operating system, and does not have to care about hardware.

8-Then, I say: Choosing WMP7 over their own in house creations will fail to make waves, he’s just exchanging a number six for half a dozen. Nokia’s problem is not the mobile OS, it is its size, and, if they don’t do something about it, not even Einstein coupled with, say, Alan Touring, can save them.

Let’s say Nokia today is like IBM from the past 70’s. IBM could not compete with the growing home computer market. Then, they hired M$ to make their operating system. Well, the rest of this history, everybody knows: IBM almost went down the drain, and M$ became a powerful behemoth, that still harms IT to this day. Seems like folks at Nokia haven’t learned from history.

3 Replies to “On Nokia going down Microsoft’s Lane”

  1. Always fun to read your rants about MS and Apple. From your descriptions, it seems like the meego platform is pretty liberating. Do you think it will be used on any other phones? Or are there any other mobile linux-based platforms that will have the same default freedoms? I use an HTC Dream (in Canada) and only just installed cyanogen mod to keep my android up with the times. It sure sucks that my phone company (Rogers) doesn't support this kind of OS upgrade without me having to go through a 20 step process. Phone OSes need to be freer!

  2. Meego should be a free platform. Then, I guess, any manufacturer could use it. But, the hot stuff now is Google's Android, because it attracts a lot of attention. If Intel manages to get traction on Meego, it could be the 3rd force in mobile OSes. But, then, Intel is good on x86, and to scale down to handheld proportions, they failed so far. If there was an Ubuntu MOS, it would be interesting, since Ubuntu, thanks to Debian, can run on pretty everything.
    If you need another free OS to your cell phone, take a look at http://www.openmoko.org/
    Ok ?
    I also like you comments, you are welcome anytime.

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