Streamie- An Open Source Twitter Web App Worth Trying

Streamie is a simple web based application for accessing and managing your Twitter account. It is real time just like Identi.Ca with updates flowing in as they are posted by your contacts.
Built on current web standards like HTML5, it runs on all modern browsers-though it repeatedly crashed Firefox on my box- with the developers recommending Google Chrome. It is open source and can be ‘mashed’ up to your tastes.
Streamie features a simple and clean interface in an easy to use layout. There are icons for ‘@’ replies, a show all of your stream, a button to show only retweets, favourites, direct message, settings and a compose tweet button.
It also features geotagging of tweets using your current location and the ability to use Chrome’s built in notification system. All in all, I like Streamie for it’s simplicity and functionalities. 
I am not switching to it full time, but will be using it more in the coming days to send useful feedback to the developers. If you are shopping for a new Twitter client, Streamie might be a good choice to try out.

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