Why is Nokia Complicating their Plight?

It never ceases to amaze me how much both people and corporations needlessly keep digging when they find themselves in a rut. There’s no doubt that Nokia, the once pinnacle of mobile innovation is in a rut, and worse still, it keeps digging.

First they were resting on their laurels of “being the leaders in emerging markets”, until Samsung came into the equation. Then they were leaders in mobile innovation-yes, the Nokia 6600 for instance was a phone way ahead of its time- until Apple kickstarted the storm.

There are so many instances where Nokia lagged behind or miscalculated, but in almost all situations it had the chance to catch up. What’s interesting is that it seems the management of the company are the only ones who don’t see the chance to remedy their blunder. Let me give two examples.

A device like the N8 should not have shipped with Symbian. Whether Symbian 3 or 500, the OS just doesn’t cut it for high end devices. Yet Nokia keeps shipping it on the high end of their product lines. Then take a masterpiece of a device like the N900, which I keep refering to in conversations with friends as the eternal device.

What does Nokia do with it? They leave it hanging. No follow up device. No clear path as to how users of Maemo like myself are going to get admitted into the Meego party. Nothing. They release a stunning device that gets lots of positive reviews and poof, they just sit there. Meego is taking eternity to brew in the lab, and we have Ellop trash talking it before it even gets to market.

Nokia’s woes are mainly caused by a lack of ability to just stop digging in the rut. Relegate Symbian to mid and low end phones. Give us a device (probably a follow up to the N900) powered by MeeGo. Fill the Ovi store with more great apps (the ovi store on the N900 for instance is virtually empty). Give developers a reason to develop for your platform too instead of just iOS or Android.

Dual sim phones are the emerging trend in places like Africa, flood your dual sim devices there. Court developers. They don’t care the number of countries you are in, they want a platform of the future, give them MeeGo. Go back to the days when Nokia phones were the pacestters.

Of course I’d be naive to think that running a company with 128000 workers is childs play. But are the solutions to Nokia’s problems really that rocket science? Friday the 11th of February will tell.

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