3.5 Reasons Why Identi.Ca Sucks For Me!

Over the last couple of years, I’ve tried switching to Identi.ca as my primary social media hub but keep failing to do so. A careful look ties the reason to these 3 and half factors.

1. Lack of a mobile friendly site
Unlike Twitter which automatically redirects your browser to it’s mobile site depending on its UA, Identi.ca to the best of my knowledge has no such mobile optimized site. There’s only one site for using the service which makes it a real pain to acces on a mobile, especially on a slow coonection.

2. Lack of official apps
I don’t know if there’s any out there, but so far it’s only one third party, regularly updated app on Maemo that I know does Identi.ca. Same with a search on the Android market yielding 2 third party apps. I’m not all for the app-craze, but if they won’t develop a mobile friendly site, why not have official apps?

3. Link handling
I personally can’t for the life of me understand why they’d actually let links open inside the same tab! Like seriously? The thing is basically for sharing, and what we share are links. Why let the thing open in the same tab? I would not have any problem with that if we still were in the days of IE6, but not today when all browsers do tabbed browsing. I can’t keep right clicking to open links in another tab!

1/2. Unfriendly
I’m not sure if it’s by design, but as a non-coder, non-developer, I always feel that Identi.ca is unfriendly to people of my ilk. With it being heavily patronized by mostly hardcore geeks, I’ve failed to make any serious friends on there barring just about 2 or so people. I understand this may not be an issue to it’s core users, but as an ‘outsider’ it’s a deal breaker for me.

These 3 and half factors have combined to make Identi.ca a secondary interaction platform for me. The day these things are resolved, it sure will be my primary social media and online ommunication hub, but for now…Twitter.

6 Replies to “3.5 Reasons Why Identi.Ca Sucks For Me!”

  1. I can't figure out how to use the thing. In Twitter I subscribe to people and groups and get a feed of updates from all my subscriptions. In Identica I have to go to each group one at a time to see updates. Also the documentation isn't very good.

  2. On principle I love StatusNet and Identi.ca (though I use another server), but the lack of mobile support bugs me to no end.. and drives me back to twitter again and again.

    As for Twitter being full of spam, I must confess I hardly notice. I use dabr in the mobile and ChromedBird (SilverBird), to block and report spam is just a click or two and I unfollow (or put them on a list) without remorse. And expect the same in return, of course. After all, we're not on BaceFook.

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