How to Fix the Android Market Issue on NITDroid Gingerbread

When you install the Nokia Internet Tablet version of Android, the Market somehow does not come with the complete catalogue of applications. To see this, try searching for an app like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.

You’ll need to clear the Market app’s cache and Google Services Framework data to correct this issue. To do that

    Go to Settings– Manage Applications

    Click on the tab that says to see the list of all installed apps.

    Click on Market, a new window opens up

    Click on end process, click ok to confirm.

    On the same window, click clear cache, confirm if you are asked

    Then go back to the list of apps and choose Google Services Framework

    Again kill this process

    On the same window, click clear data, confirm when asked.

    Now close all the windows and reboot

Go to the Market and search for the app that you could not find initially, it should now show. If apps still don’t show, you’ll need to do a few reboots to get things showing.

That’s how I got the Market on Gingerbread to show fully all the apps available on the Nokia N900!

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