How to Install VLC Media Player on the N900

VLC, being the mother of all media players, can also run on the N900 as well. To get it installed, first download the files from here (it’s a torrent file).
  • Open the terminal and run as root
  • Then simply use dpkg -i .deb to install the files.
  • You might want to first navigate to the directory in which you saved the file in case you did not save it in the root of MyDocs (now why would you not?).
Of course you’d need to change to the name of the files you just downloaded. To reduce the amount of typing you’ll do on the terminal, you might want to rename the downloaded VLC files in simple terms like VLC1, VLC2 etc.

After running all of them, you should see VLC on the list of menu items or under multimedia if you have Catorise installed.

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