MeeGo Coding Competition 2011

The wait is over!

We are proud to announce the MeeGo Coding Competition 2011!

As successor it will follow the good example of the community driven Maemo Coding Competition 2010. Quim Gil wrote lot of good things about this “grass roots community success”.

To make this year’s competition bigger and better, we urge all MeeGo enthusiasts to organize events during the MeeGo Coding Competition 2011 in their Local MeeGo Network. We are sure that Intel and Nokia are going to assist you doing that. Please contact us, to get in touch with Intel and Nokia.

The Local MeeGo Network Berlin has planned the following events using the name “MeeGo Freeday“:

Coding Qt
Qt is a framework for a cross-platform application development. Qt is pre-installed on our beloved Nokia N900. Software development using Qt is also possible for MeeGo, Symbian and WebOS. All these platforms support Qt. There are also libraries for desktop systems, like Windows, Mac OS and Linux available. Unofficially, it is also running on Android and iOS.

Therefore, Qt is a very good base if you want to publish your app on as many platforms as possible!

You never coded using Qt? You are already a Qt pro and want to work with Qt developers? You still have questions? Then come to the Qt Workshop on 01 April 2011 in the c-base in Berlin! The Qt gurus of Qt Berlin are present and help you with advice and support! By all this Qt-iness don’t forget the next step: publish your app in the largest MeeGo AppStores: Intel AppUp and Nokia Ovi.

Nokia Ovi Workshop
Therefore, on 15 April 2011 there will be the Ovi workshop also in the c-base in Berlin. In this workshop Nokia’s specialists will teach you the process of publishing your app to the Ovi-Store.
Then you are a true Ovi professional. And who knows? Maybe there will be new info about Nokia’s secret MeeGo / Maemo device?

Intel AppLab
On 29 April 2011, we bring you the Intel AppLab to Berlin (of course also in the c-base)!
During the AppLab coding examples are shown and you will submit your app to the Intel AppUp store. At previous AppLabs developers got MeeGo hardware to take home. This time? Come and see for yourself!

Think global, act local
The MeeGo Coding Competition is not an event restricted to Berlin! Everyone can and should participate! Just as in Berlin, Local MeeGo Events and Intel AppLabs will take place in other cities countries. Moreover, the events in Berlin will be streamed live.

But apart from the educational events and the fun at coding what it’s in for you? … A lot!

Developers of promising apps will probably receive a MeeGo device.

If you will be selected by the community as one of the main winners, you will fly to the MeeGo Conference in November and sleep there in a nice hotel. There you will meet a lot of like-minded. Without having to pay a single cent.

If Nokia likes your app, they will preinstall it on their first MeeGo device!

But even if you won’t win one of the main prizes, that does not mean you get nothing! We will have cash prizes this time, too. Independent of sponsorship funds, last time the community extensively donated. About $ 1000.00 came together! Will we be able to beat this record-sum this year?

Procedure and rules of MeeGo Coding Competition 2011

To ensure that the event runs properly, there are a few essential rules:

  • Only individuals may participate. Companies are excluded from the competition because of equity reasons.
  • If you have coded your app in the team and you win on of the travels to the MeeGo Conference, your team has to designate a person as the winner.
  • Any number of apps can be submitted and elected as winner.
  • Apps must be uploaded as executable including at least two screen shots and a brief description on a yet to be named website to be take part of the election. The applications have to run on default hardware running on an official version of Maemo or MeeGo.
  • All applications, which are created and uploaded during the duration of the Competition will take part in the election.
  • For existing programs, only progress which has been made during the Competition will be considered.
  • When porting apps. only the work of porting will be considered, unless the original program comes from the same programmer and was developed or extended in this period.
  • The Competition runs from 01 April 2011 to 30 June 2011. After that the winners will be selected by the community.
  • Only users of and who are registered for at least four months are entitled to vote.
  • There is no legal right to win.

More details regarding the election process to follow.
All new information regarding the Competition will be published first on and shortly afterwards here.

Ready? Set, go! Grab your PC, start to hack and show us your app!

You still have questions? Contact us!
or here!

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