Nokia Finally Signs WP7 Deal with Microsoft

Nokia has finally signed the NoWin deal with Microsoft, a deal set to see Windows Phone 7 become the company’s primary OS. Here at Ghabuntu, as long time Nokia users and Linux enthusiasts, we’ve made our position categorically clear that we believe this deal is a bad one both for Nokia as a company and for the open source community in general. See here, here, here and here.

Nonetheless, we respect the right of Nokia as a company to pursue strategies it believes will maximize shareholders’ worth. What we still are trying to get our heads around is why it’d take 10 weeks to sign the agreement and another couple months to release a full blown device running the new OS. That does not look good to us. We’d expect a rapid acceleration in releasing a device to the market asap.

As we disagree with Nokia going WP7, we’ll nonetheless welcome the opportunity to test any of the devices that will be running the OS to see for ourselves if we are wrong in our opposition to the move. When all is said and done, only time will tell what the outcome of this move is going to be. As we say in the Akan language, “Emere bekyere” which roughly translates as “time will tell.”

Microsoft’s Tim McDowd chats with Nokia’s VP of Microsoft Alliance, Waldemar Sakalus, and Microsoft’s General Manager of Developer & Marketplace Experience, Matt Bencke, about Nokia and Microsoft signing a strategic alliance.

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