Nokia Kills MeeGo and Symbian- Finally

Nokia has finally nailed the coffin for Symbian and MeeGo by announcing it will cut R&D staff dedicated to those two platforms, with some being transferred to Accenture, obviously to get them out of sight till Symbian dies a slow death. Well we all saw it coming didn’t we? The moment the so called burning platform memo was expertly “leaked” to Engadget, some of us were convinced Nokia had finally lost it.

Cutting the jobs of those in charge of these platforms underscores Nokia’s move to dump those two OS in favor of MS WP7. As to what Nokia means when they say “we plan to ship 150m more Symbian devices…” I don’t know. Cutting the jobs of the people in charge of the OS and claiming you will ship devices powered by that OS will only result in leaving users with no support from Nokia, a fate that has befallen N900 users. It’s not clear from the post also if Nokia will go ahead to release the so called MeeGo device they promised this year or if ever.

Take a sip of water and you’re behind in the pack. Blink your eye and watch the pack move in a different direction.

No Nokia, you did not take a sip, you kept committing one corporate blunder after the other. Finally, joining hands with Microsoft was the only route the management of the company could think of. Like one commmenter said in the linked post above,

This is so sad. Nokia’s problem wasn’t caused by the engineers who are losing their jobs. If anything, Nokia was known in the industry for having some of the best engineers. Nokia’s problem was caused by poor upper management. In this Microsoft deal upper management found a way to keep their jobs. The brain transfer from Nokia to their competitors is only going to make Nokia’s situation worse, but at least upper management will have jobs for the next couple of years. Bravo (…clap…clap…clap…).

Nokia’s case can be summed up in a local Ghanaian parlance that goes thus “monkey dey work, baboon dey chop” which roughly translates as it’s not always those who do the work that enjoy the fruits of it.

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  1. I was planning to buy a symbian^3 device but now I think I shall go for android. Symbian^3 customers will be f*cked next year. Even now nokia isp providing flash lite 3.0 or 4.0 and android is providing full flash 10.1

  2. Oh, boy, you have no idea how sad I am, reading these news today.
    It's RIP Nokia as we know (and loved it)
    Now, it will be a mere shell, a shadow of its former self. Even worse, M$ will use Nokia's patents against Linux(yeah, even if Meego is Linux and Nokia actively developed it)
    Actually, they should BURN Elop in a stake…
    I pity all those hard workers who did their best to get this "reward".
    I hope Google absorbs a lot of them.

  3. Yes Parminder, you'll be better of going for Android than Symbian. It's a dead platform, and Nokia is just using the 150m devices to harvest it.

    Thanks for the site design compliment, was about time…:-).

    A, I'm equally sad, or even more…:-(

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