Nokia Won’t Sell Out to Microsoft Says CEO

The CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop has ruled out the possibility of a merger of Microsoft and the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer. He was speaking recently in Dubai during an interactive session with the media drawn across the Midddle East and Africa.

Following the merger and the intense speculation that Microsoft was just a step away from buying the Finish mobile giant, CEO Steve Elop has now come out to state that those rumors are “unfounded”, adding that the partnership is for the mutual benefit of both parties.

Steven Elop was very generous in his admission of the role played by Africa and Asia in the success of Nokia and promised to “reward such disproportionate achievements with disproportionate investments”, though he did not explain as to what disproportionate investment would mean.

Now that it’s clear Elop has not completely sold out to Microsoft, we’d want to see a change in so many things, not least is the perpetual delays in the delivery of devices on their schedule date. I’d also personally like to see Africa’s loyalty to Nokia rewarded with the possible siting of a plant here on the continent. So yes Nokia will remain an independent company from Redmond, but will that last forever?

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