Zomg! HTC Bigger Than Nokia and RIM By Market Cap Thanks to Android

Zomg! Who said one could not make money from Linux? 

HTC’s market cap today sits at about $33.8 billion, which is greater than Nokia’s $32.84 billion and well above RIM’s $28.5 billion.

According to All Things Digital, HTC is currently bigger than Nokia in terms of market caps by about $1.04 billion and RIM by $5 billion. This according to Robert Chen is due to “a very unique business model and ecosystem strategy.”
Am I the only person who reads ecosystem as Android? And again, am I the only person who keeps seeing Nokia being proven wrong almost every single day? Nokia, if they had some respect for their users, should have at least released just one Android device, if only to make people like myself who’d had it with Symbian happy.
But no, they chose the path of Redmond, one that will eventually be leading them to Mordor. Again, in case the Nokia board has not realized, there is only one way for them to go, and that way is certainly not that of Windows Phone 7. Unless you return to Linux soon, you will find yourselves become the pariah of the market. Linux is the future!

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