Apple 0 – Nokia 1

The long running battle between Apple and Nokia has ended with a scoreline pleasing to Nokia. Cuppertino has been charged to one-time payment and royalties to the Finnish handset maker.

“We are very pleased to have Apple join the growing number of Nokia licensees. [T]his settlement demonstrates Nokia’s industry leading patent portfolio and enables us to focus on further licensing opportunities in the mobile communications market.” Stevem Elop, Nokia CEO

This ruling comes after an epic battle in European and American courts between the two handset rivals, with Apple to a large extent, being the strategic cause of Nokia’s woes following the introduction of the iPhone.

As Florian Mueller said on his blog, “other companies that Nokia will ask to pay royalties will have to think very hard whether to pay or pick a fight.” The amount of settlement is rumored to be in the millions of Dollars. 

It’s also not clear how this ruling is going to impact on Android handset manufacturers like HTC and Samsung, with Apple equally embroiled in a court battle over IP infringement claims. For now however, the scoreline is Nokia 1- Apple 0. Nokia fans can rejoice. Below is a map of the patents in question 

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2 Replies to “Apple 0 – Nokia 1”

  1. Oh, boy, being Nokia now just an empty shell, I fear for Linux on mobile devices. The best thing would be Samsung to buy it, revoke the deal with M$ and keep selling Android phones.
    Even give a chance to Meego.
    But the way it is now, it's just a money printer to M$(since it benefits from Nokia's patents)

  2. Yes I agree. As Nokia is now, it's just going to be a big cash cow to MS, that is if – God forbid :-)- WP7 catches on.

    I think there's only two options left, either the Nokia board/shareholders wakeup and revolt, or some other company (maybe Google?) buys Nokia's handset division before MS finally does.

    Or third option, really, Nokia tanks.

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