Finally, Flash on Linux as it should be!

Adobe Flash has always been a disappointment on Linux. Poorly ported , poorly programmed, a confusion that loads the processor and, often, makes the machine hang.
But this is the way that certain companies provide support to Linux. Very dubious quality.

The community, once again, saves the day
But what if the company that created the Flash does not provide a decent service to Linux?
The very community solves the problem. And that’s what the developer lovinglinux did: solved the problem of Flash on Linux, creating Flash Video Replacer.

What is it ?
It is an addon (complement) to Firefox, as the name says, changes the default Flash Player on Linux by Mplayer, which is a much better video player than Adobe’s one.
It works best  in conjunction with Flash Blocker, as it prevents any flash player to load, and allows only the media (Flash video, flv,mp4) to run.
Basically,  Flash Video Replacer  identifies  famous video hosting services (YouTube, Meta Cafe, Daily Motion, etc …) and replaces the  Flash player by Mplayer.
Mplayer plays videos in a much more efficient way, and it’s lightweight, and allows  to choose the type of video it will play, if FLV, MP4 or even WebM.
And can easily download  the video being played.


– no flash required
– works with Flashblock
– play videos embedded on site, on a new tab, new window or using an external standalone player
– option to select replace method on a video basis
– easy video download, accessed via toolbar menu
– configurable download directory
– compatibility with DownThemAll
– detection of YouTube and Vimeo videos embedded on third-party sites (links only)
– automatic redirection to WebM player on YouTube when available (no plugin required)
– video quality control on YouTube
– video quality feedback via alerts
– option to prioritize mp4 format over flv when possible
– option to force mime-type, in order to launch videos with different plugins or bypass incompatibilities


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