Has the Blackberry developer exodus began?

Update: Reuters reports that RIM has began handing out layoff notices to its employees. No specific numbers have yet been given and no official comments yet from the company.

Seesmic, makers of the popular social media client on the various smarphone platforms has announced a discontinuation of development for their app for the Blackberry platform effective 30th June.

The reason given is to “focus development efforts on our most popular mobile platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7″ and they are encouraging those affected by this change to “try out Seesmic for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7, as well as Seesmic Desktop and Web.”

It’s not clear from the announcement if they mean platforms on which their clients are popular or platforms that are popular with consumers. If it’s the second case, then it’s really amazing how Windows Phone 7 can possibly be more popular than Blackberry.

This move, depending on how you look at it, may be a sign of what’s to come and in store for RIM in terms of developers. It could be the beginning of a developer exodus away from Blackberry giving its increasingly declining market share to Android and the iPhone. 

Or it could just be Seesmic does not deem it justified to spend resources to develop further for the platform because it’s user base there is very negligible. Either way, this move does not come at the right time for the not so happy Research in Motion.

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