MeeGo N900 Developer Edition now Community Edition

An announcement on the MeeGo-qa mailing list just out is reporting a change in the name of the MeeGo edition for the N900. It used to be the Developer Edition- not for the faint of heart. Now we’re being told it’s going to be called the N900 Community Edition.

It’s not clear the reason behind the change. I hope it’s in line with the hopes of N900 users to see a properly working MeeGo port for the N900. Below is the full text of the message.

Because the N900 DE changed it’s name to N900 Community Edition = N900CE, following changes are done in Bugzilla:
Keyword N900 –> N900CE

–       If you see any bugs with N900CE keyword and doesn’t occure with CE image, please feel free to remove the keyword, I will do that also.
(HW) Platform -> N900 for every bug having the old N900 Keyword
MeeGo_N900DE_Release_Blocker -> MeeGo_N900CE_Release_Blocker

Remember to update your search strings, the older ones doesn’t work anymore if you have used DE there.

When filing a new bug for the N900CE, use prefix [CE] in the summary. If it’s not only CE bug, the prefix needs to be removed.
Add platform N900.


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