Ubuntu To Support Hybrid CD / USB Images

Ubuntu ISO images used to require the USB startup disk creator utility to be able to write the ISO image to USB (flash) sticks.

However, this morning, Colin Watson wrote on the Ubuntu mailing lists that “[A]s of tomorrow’s daily builds, all Oneiric amd64 and i386 CD images on cdimage.ubuntu.com can also be written directly to a USB device [example through the use of the dd command].  You can still use usb-creator if you need to enable persistent storage on the USB stick, but if all you need is to install from the stick then this simplifies the process.”

Other major distros like Fedora have long had hybrid ISO images, but Ubuntu’s delay in supporting the feature was because “…we couldn’t simply use isohybrid [since] that would break jigdo downloads, so we had to switch to xorriso as the CD image generator on these architectures for its new JTE support, and by the time all that landed in Debian I didn’t really want to cram it into 11.04.”

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