What’s Happening Inside Research in Motion

Much has been written about Research in Motion, makers of the Blackberry line of smartphones in recent months. Most of these posts are very gloomy and talk about the impending “doom” of the company in the wake of the rapidly increasing popularity of its rivals iPhone and Android line of phones.

Business Insider has a very interesting piece by an “insider” that gives a detailed view inside the minds of the people running Canada’s pride.

But issues such as these are merely symptoms of what are arguably deeper, cultural issues. RIM’s failure to understand the consumer market from product, to messaging, to platform, and it goes right to the top. Despite the deep respect I have for the co-CEO’s of RIM, and their world-class strength in some areas – they are very weak in others. The problem is that they brim with hubris regarding their success in the corporate market and are culturally blind to the gaping holes in their armour regarding consumer. They honestly think they understand consumer product, business, mentality, marketing – but they really don’t. 

It’s a very interesting piece albeit from an unamed “insider” that gives a glimpse of what’s happening inside the walls of the home of the Blackberry device. 

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