What Startups Can Learn from Google+

After a series of misses in the social realm, Google seems to have hit it right this time around with Plus, their new social media service. Yours truly was fortunate to have had an invite into the pre-release and it’s really an exciting  service in the making.

A lot has be written about G+ and will be written. What I find very intriguing about this Google project is the level of interaction between Google and the end users. When one thinks of a company the size of Google, it makes this level of interaction even more unprecedented.

Having Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Vic Gundotra, Marissa Meyer among others all using the service and actively responding to user feedback will go a long way to make the service a force to reckon with. 

In all of this, there is a lesson to be gleaned, especially by startups; involve end users as early as possible and as much as possible. Previous Google social attempts all proved futile because the company assumed for users what they wanted. It’s very exciting and humbling having the likes of Vic Gundotra thanking you for your feedback in comments.

Since we all have ambitions to start our own businesses, the Google Plus success lesson should go a long way to guide us in all our ambitions, especially as young Africans who have the odds stacked heavily against us. 

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