TwitPic Founder Launches Heello, a competitor to Twitter

TwitPic founder Noah Everett has launched Heello, his Twitter alternative. This is an ambitious attempt on the part of Everett to compete directly with Twiter, the very service to which TwitPic owns its success.

Heello is more like a toned down Twitter, with tweets being called Pings and retweets Echo. Reading the stream of Pings is called Listening. According to Everett, other features like video posts and what he calls channels are on their way.

The channels feature will act similar to Twitter lists. You can invite friends from Facebook and Twitter to join you on Heello. The site is very clean and signing up was a breeze. However, given that the service is new, it feels quiet and not much going on there.

Only time can tell whether Heello can have any impact on the overall social media landscape, giving how fiercely competitive it’s become thanks to the recent entry of Google with its Plus service. For now, you can head over to Heello and sign up to take the service for a spin.

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