5 Reasons to Learn a Programming Language

At this point in time, there are many programming languages that you can learn and, doubtless, there will be many more such languages devised in the future.  There was a time when C was the only well structured and popular programming language around and it is still being extensively used.  In fact, many people regard it as the skeleton on which many modern programming languages have been designed.

The first major advantage of knowing a programming language is that you will be able to understand the mentality of a development team.  Programming is never an easy job and if you know something about it, you will get to make the optimum use of your development team.  They will stop regarding you as a pain in the neck and regard you as a useful resource in implementing their project objectives.

The second major advantage of learning a programming language is that you will find that a good problem-solving approach can be a great help in good programming.  A really good programmer takes a problem and divides it into a number of small pieces for each one of which he will try and find an elegant solution.  You do not need to be a great programmer but you can certainly understand what makes a good programmer tick.  Once you have understood the programming mindset, you can evolve some really great strategies for any project that you undertake.

In any project that involves Search Engine Optimisation, you will need to collect and tackle lots of numbers.  If you bothered to learn a little about scripting languages, you can access Application Programming Interfaces (API) by yourself and collect all your data from one conveniently accessible space.  You can then evolve any kind of marketing strategy that you choose.  For instance, you can make use of Google Spreadsheets and use their App Script.

Again, in the SEO business, you would probably be working closely with development teams that include software developers and Web designers.  These people will routinely try and give you a run around including a number of reasons for shooting down what you want.  If you know a little bit about programming, you’ll be able to see through all this because you’ll have a clear idea of what is possible and what is not possible with your Web site project.  

If you know what you are doing, you would be treated with respect instead of triggering defensive responses from your development team.  You may even be able to suggest a possible solution to the problems (couched in the most diplomatic terms of cause) and accept their estimates and schedules without ridiculing them.

You should note that for many people, HTML does not really count as a programming language and you might want to learn other more useful languages such as Python or SQL (Structured Query Language).  Learning SQL, for instance, can be a great deal of help whether you’re handling simple search queries or complicated content management systems.  It doesn’t help to argue with your project development team but it certainly can help if you demonstrate an understanding of their problems and contribute to possible solutions.

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