6 Cool Video Streaming Apps for Your Android Device

Android Smart phones are increasingly popular because of their plethora of features and reasonable pricing. One of the best things about them is the variety and quality of the available apps, many of which are developed by the same folk who create apps for the Apple App Store. Video streaming apps are well-represented on Android, and have had a bit of a boom in recent months. 

The relatively large high-resolution screens and powerful processors used by many Android Smart phones make them excellent devices for video streaming on-the-go. It’s likely that in the near future we’ll see more and more apps and video streaming services especially for Android devices. Yet until then, check the following already existing apps.

One of the best live TV streaming websites on the web, TV.com lets you watch your favorite channels either through Wi-Fi or through your phone network. With TV.com you can watch many TV channels live on your Android device, including CBS news, Showtime, and CNET. The app is free.

One of the most important video streaming services on the web, providing tons of full-length movies as well as recent TV shows, Netflix features a free Android app. To enjoy video content with it you first need to subscribe to the service. Although a great app for streaming, Netflix gets thumbs down for being a big eater of resources. The streaming quality, however, is flawless.

The popular ‘How to’ website’s DYI video guides are now available on your Android device. With eHow Mobile you can watch the best ‘how to’ videos on the website, read top rated articles, and play with a few extra features. The app is good to have for all of its features, but it’s especially notable for streaming videos. The app gets a thumb up for working flawlessly with Android Smart phones.

An alternative to eHow, Howcast provides many how to videos, some of which are not only informative, but also downright hilarious. The app works well with Android, and it’s quite fun to use, especially when you explore the available videos. Provided that you have a decent Internet connection, Howcast is well worth checking.

If memory space prevents you from carrying all your videos with you on the your Android phone all the time, then you’ll appreciate TScinema. This free app enables you to view videos not stored in your phone’s memory, after first uploading them online. Supporting many formats, and boasting a sleek user interface, TScinema is a must-check app.

The list ends with possible the best music video streaming app for Android currently available: Vevo. The splendid UI, which has been clearly optimized for the small screen of mobile devices, as well as the perfect streaming make the app a must-have. It runs best with the latest version of Android OS.

The list is by no means exhaustive, many other cool apps being available through the Android Marketplace. However, the apps listed here have all been tested on Android Smart phones and they provide a flawless or almost flawless video streaming on-the-go.

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