Lenovo Sucks- Never buy this box

Being both a student and worker means having a lot to carry around. One of the things I did not have to let weigh me down is my laptop since I carry it around pretty much everywhere. Looking for a much lighter laptop with reasonable specs, I settled on this Lenovo Ideapad S205 netbook. 

It’s a nice notebook packed with reasonably powerful specs, but unless you want to run with Windows as your OS, avoid this box like the plague. It ships with a faulty bios that cannot boot any Linux distro that ships with GRUB2 as the default bootloader. I’ve read GRUB2 itself is not fully done yet, but so far every box I’ve tried installing a GRUB2 distro on has simply worked. Since virtually all the Linux distros out there ship with GRUB2, it effectively means running Linux on this notebook is nigh impossible.

I’ve seen tedious workarounds that involve chrooting and other long winded methods. Unless you’re a masochist or have enough time to spare, you’re better off shopping for another box than buying this. So far I’ve not seen any bios update from Lenovo to correct this anomaly even though their forums are flooded with similar complaints. 

This was my first Lenovo purchase and with this experience, they can sure count it as my last, not just purchase but will also not recommend it to anybody. Get a better brand that you can install 

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  1. awww, not fair,You, of all people,SJ,
    should know when you assume,you make an ass of u & me:
    the onus is on us to check *nix vs m$ pcs at places like:
    And google 'lenovo s205 problems on linux']= 300k links
    We've used six lenovo laptops
    [new to six yrs old
    with diff distros& no windozes]
    which are reliable& linux luvly…
    but we did our homework
    Condemning Lenovo,
    is like me blaming the knife for cutting my finger…
    it's a m$ world out there, my friend,
    and when win8 machines come out
    we'll all be stuck with IdeaPad S205s

  2. I agree with dj. I'm running kubuntu 11.10 on my Lenovo B560 and everything works perfectly. So, for me, Lenovo doesn't suck. It offers quite advanced notebooks at a low price. Lenovo S205 may be failure (or maybe it's a just a matter of time 'til GRUB2 gets the required feature) but spreading your anger on all Lenovo laptops is really improper.

  3. DJ, years of buying computers without googling and all of them "just working" when I install anything other than Windows has a way of conditioning the mind to expect the next box to work just the same. If it doesn't work that way then

    1. A lesson is learned
    2. Avoid that brand.

    Mwiklo, I envy you, and yes I know there are some Lenovo boxes that will work great for Linux, but the experience I've had with a Lenovo box is what I'm sharing.

  4. Placed an order on the outlet the prices were dirt cheap for i7 laptops so I orderd 8. Order confirmed CC valid and waiting for it to be shipped. They cancel all my orders a few days latter telling me my CC had problems. I contact their billing they tell me its cancelled because they thought it was duplicated orders. Thats not the case they were all unique orders. The outlet department tells me that those laptops are sold now and I cant do anything but buy new ones. I escalate the issues through their managers, they first offer me 5% then 15% off their prices. They finally tell me the truth that the outlet prices got messed up and they cancelled all the orders guests had placed. I told them I didnt want their 15% discount and would never buy lenovo again. I few days pass and my colleagues get their laptops that I told them about. Lenovo is a bunch of fucking liars. Have the balls to live up to your mistakes and stop lieing to your customers, I used to promote the Lenovo/IBM brand to everyone I knew… not anymore.

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