Taking BootFaces for a spin

I love Java EE. It’s my platform of choice for enterprise applications development.  However, I have had a love hate relationship with its standard UI framework JSF, preferring to use Vaadin instead.

However, I have decided to take BootsFaces for a ride in my next project because I am beginning to feel Vaadin is bit too stiff for me when it comes to building responsive, mobile first applications. The BootsFaces project describes itself as “a powerful and lightweight JSF framework based on Bootstrap 3 and jQuery UI that lets you develop Front-end Enterprise Applications fast and easy.”

I must admit that sounds intriguing right? So I am going to take it for a spin in my next project in combination with the JSF utility library OmniFaces. I am sure to chronicle my journey with BootsFaces and will share same with you.

Have you used BootsFaces before? What was your experience with it like? I’m eager to hear what you think.

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  1. I’m curious how your decision to use BootsFaces works out. Are there pain points? What are the benefits? What’s the overall experience?

    BTW, don’t hesitate to contact us (the BootsFaces team) if you encounter problems, if you’ve got a question or if you’ve simply got a suggestion how to make things better. We’ll even listen to frustrated complaints. Our mission is to improve the JSF ecosystem. So, your feedback matters!

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Stephan, currently everything is going just fine. Only faced a few challenges with regards to some ajax requests. But resolved it after re-reading the docs again.

      Sure will contact the awesome Bootsfaces team when I encounter any issues. Cheers

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