New Java EE Course – The Theory of Java EE

I am pleased to announce the availability of our first course on Java EE, The Theory of Java EE. The Theory of Java EE is a course that is designed to give its audience a firm understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of Java EE.

A lot of Java EE courses are code focused and dive right in to the meat of Java EE. But having taken a number of CS students through Java EE, I came to realize a firm understanding in the theory was equally important in their understanding of Java EE. The course is a collection of lesson notes for my CS students that has been expanded to suit a much wider audience.

The Theory of Java EE is a code-light theory-heavy look at the Java EE platform. It touches on all facets of Java EE and aims to equip the student with enough knowledge to know when to choose Java EE and why.

As an introductory offer to you our cherished readers, The Theory of Java EE is currently available for only $10 for a limited time. So do sign up for the course and I will see you there. Go on and enroll now!

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