ExtensionFM- A revolutionary Google Chrome extension for music lovers

For music lovers, nothing beats an easy way to locate and download free MP3 files while you surf the internet. ExtensionFM for Google Chrome does exactly that. While you wander around the internet, it sits quietly in the background and catalogs all links to MP3 music that you come across.
Clicking on the ExtensionFM icon in the far right of your address bar opens it in a new tab with a beautiful interface just like any other music player. It has two tabs in the upper left corner namely Queue and Library. The queue tab comprises songs you are currently streaming (right in your browser) and the library tab contains links to all free MP3 files you stumbled upon during your internet surfing activity.
You also have the option of creating an account, a process that takes less than a minute and requires no email confirmation to have your lists and everything synchronized across multiple computers. At any given time, a cursory look at the extension icon tells you how many MP3 files the addon has gathered and are available to you for download.
This extension is way too cool for me to amply describe here. The best way to take it for a spin is to have it installed. You’d be more than happy you did. I also do believe that this extension gives us a sneak peak at how Google is going to handle music streaming in its up coming Chrome OS. It’s also worth knowing that native support for PDF files is coming to Chrome very soon.

Yoono- Spice up and organize your social media life

Among the dozens of desktop applications available to manage our very ‘busy’ and sometimes chaotic social media lives, Yoono really stands out tall in my life. It is a cross platform, resource efficient desktop application that has everything you may need to get stuff done right.
With this application, staying connected and sharing stuff with friends on the various social media networks is a breeze. It supports Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo, Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, Flickr and MySpace. Some of those networks also support multiple accounts. 
With Yoono, you can have updates to all your social media accounts arranged in a columnar form for easy viewing and organizing. You can also choose to have all your updates from all your social media accounts in one tab (my killer feature of the app). Post your updates to all your networks or just choose those you want, it’s up to you. Sharing stuff like links, pictures and videos with friends across all the networks is also a blinking act.
Do IMing with friends from different networks in one tab or window, a feature they call unified instant messaging. For Twitter lovers, it supports all the usual features like RT, @replies among others. It also provides you with real time updates and search to make sure you are always up to speed with the latest in your social world. It also has a range of extensive options for each account to make sure things are laid out exactly the way you want.
There best way to actually get a feel of this Yoono is to give it a try. It’s just 12MB and available for all three platforms. In case you are not the desktop type, Yoono also has Firefox addon (which we took a brief look at yesterday) that plays the role of the desktop right in your browser. So if you are like me and had been searching for an app to manage your social media life, Yoono is what I’ll strongly recommend to you.

Top 5 Firefox addons that enhance your web experience

With the massive amounts of data that we have at our disposal online, there are times when you just don’t know where to start from. Thanks to some really cool Firefox addons, you can get more out of the web in less time and sweat. The following 5 addons should be of interest to you if you want to enhance your web experience.
As the name goes, this addon shows sites similar to the one you are currently viewing. It opens up either in a sidebar or toolbar and shows as tumbnails similar sites, similar articles to the one you are reading and recent comments or buzz about the subject. I strongly recommend this addon especially to students or anyone doing a serious research work.
With the term social media being the buzzword of the day, we all are on one or the other of the lot: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace among others. With Yoono, “you [can] simplify your online social life by connecting you to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Friendfeed, AIM, Yahoo IM and more…all in one place. Yoono is also the easiest way to share stuff with all your social networks – share links, images and video from the page you’re viewing across all your networks simultaneously.”  There is  also a cross platform desktop app to make life even more easier. Need I say more to  convince you.
For TV lovers, this addon helps  you to “watch thousands of  TV channels freely available on the internet. powered by the biggest and most up to date database (Google – Wikipedia – YouTube – Torrent – eBay & Amazon Search engines included).”
Yea. The web is filled with loads of people that are just waiting for you to fall into their neatly laid traps for them to make use of your online everything. With this Web of Trust addon, you get to know “site ratings [that] are powered by a global community of millions of trustworthy users who have rated millions of websites based on their experiences. The free add-on works with Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and is a free download.
The Firefox Environment Backup Extension is simply a class of its own and the only one in the backup category that I know of so far. What it does is it “allows you to quickly and easily backup your Firefox extensions. In fact, it goes beyond just backing up: it will actually rebuild your extensions individually into installable .xpi files. Now you can easily synchronize your office and home browsers.” 
That is just super cool don’t you think? As if that is not enough, you can actually schedule automatic backups on a daily, weekly or monthly intervals. This addon boasts of quite a number of features that are just impressive. I without a doubt, recommend you install this addon to make your life very easy and hassle free when it comes to Firefox backups.
These five addons, I believe, should help make life online a little easy for all of us. Of course I know there are thousands of others out there that you can choose to install and I’d be more than happy to hear which are your picks. Yes I have been hard on Firefox of late, something you probably know if you are a regular reader here. But, when it comes to addons, it is still king.

5 modules that should come by default in Drupal.

Drupal is a great CMS no doubt. I have gone round and tried lots of them, but I still come back to Drupal. However, the more I use it, the more I feel that the following five modules should actually come by default with every Drupal installation.
I cannot for the life of me think why Drupal ships without a basic WYSIWYG. I believe the logic is to let you choose from the dozens of them available from the modules directory. But I am of the view that a simple WYSIWYG shipping with Drupal makes life easy to some extent. Having to download and install a module all the time so I can use a WYSIWYG is very much IMHO so 1999ish.
Global Path Redirect
With the option of choosing a url alias comes the problem of duplicate content which can really piss the Goole bot off very much. This module simply redirects one url to the other when they are the same but come with the native Drupal name and your chosen alias. Having this by default will go a long way to help in terms of SEO.
As much as I know, Drupal does not send emails on its own. It relies on your mail server to actually do that. Since a CMS revolves around users registering and interactiing with sites, why not have this module handy out of the box. I know there are other means people use to send mails from Drupal, some of which I am yet to learn. But the SMTP module so far makes life very easy.
The Administration Menu
Though not much of a necessity, the admin menu makes navigating your Drupal backend more pleasant and very, very easy. A simple menu that can be fixed at the very top of the page and links you to every part of the site is a very helpful tool that will do well coming out of the box with Drupal.

Yea. Cron. I think having this application by default will make managing your Drupal install quite easy. I like most others, do not have any need for a customized Cron script. Poormanscron does the job just fine.

These are the five modules that I would very much love to see being part of the Drupal default installation. Of course lots of reasons go into choosing the default stack of applications for any such project. 
But these five to me, are very much indispensable and can go a long way to improve the experience of any newbie to the CMS. If you are a Drupal user, I’d love to know what modules are must for you after every Drupal install which you’d love to see come out of the box.

FireFound- Track your stolen or missing computer through Firefox

FireFound is a Firefox addon that lets you track your stolen computer by logging into your FireFound account on any other computer with an internet connection. It is also available for Fennec, the mobile version of Firefox for the Nokia N900 and other smartphones.
It works by sending your computers current location to a server and keeps on doing that anytime the location changes. So when you lose your computer either via theft or it gets missing, all you have to do is to login to the FireFound site with the username and password you created when you installed the addon.
You can also tell FireFound to clear your everything from your browser-history, bookmarks, passwords- if anyone starts your browser before you can retrieve it. Additionally, you could also host your own FireFound server with the source code, which is available for download
I have just installed this addon because it looks really promising to me. I would like to have some form of solace in case- God forbid 🙂 – I lose my lappy. You ought to do same.

Facebook Filter for Firefox – Cut out the junk from friends.

Unless you just descended from space, you probably are on Facebook just like me with a hundred or more friends. However, not all of your friends’ activities interest you nor do you want to see in your newsfeed. I for instance do not play Farmville or any of those fun games on Facebook and thus not really interested in how much potatoes a friend harvests or how many cows she milked.
If you are like me, then the Firefox addon called Facebook Filter is your answer. Facebook Filter lets you control which types of posts appear in your Facebook News Feed. You can choose to show or hide the following types of News Feed posts:

  • “Is now friends with”
  • “Became a fan of”
  • “Joined a group”
  • “Was tagged in an album”
  • Events (announcing events and attending them)
  • Applications (all except those you choose to exclude).
So if you want to make some sense of the most popular social network in the world today but at the same time cut out the junk you don’t like, then Facebook Filter for Firefox is a great choice of an addon.

Top 5 Firefox addons for SEO analysts and webmasters.

Being a webmaster is no small task. And maintaining your favorable search engine ranking is even more difficult. Given the proliferation of blogs and websites, constantly looking good in the eyes of the search engines especially Google is now a nightmare. However, if you are using Firefox, the following 5 add-ons should help make your job more enjoyable and less stressful.
This add-on is aimed primarily at helping web masters who deal with search engine optimization (SEO) and internet promotion of web sites. Seo Quake allows you to obtain and investigate many important SEO parameters of the internet project under study on the fly, save them for future work, compare them with the results obtained from other projects and so on.
Foxy SEO tool is a toolbar that provides quick and easy access to a multitude of search engine functions such as Google Site, Yahoo Site Explorer, Live Fromlinks. Also included are famous web traffic analysis sites such as Alexa, Compete, Quantcast, popular statistic aggregators like Quarkbase and WebSiteOutlook. You can check a site’s listing in important directories like Dmoz and Yahoo Directory, buzzing Web 2.0 sites such as Technocrati, Wikipedia, Digg, Delicious and links to useful network functions like Whois, Geotool, Internet Archive among others.
This add-on, specially created for webmasters who wish to optimize their sites and analyze the concurence, automatically displays the Google PageRank and Alexa ranking of all the sites you visit, and provides essential tools for complete analysis of a website, which can be very useful if you want to optimize your website or if you are looking for new partnerships.
In a few clicks you can access a wealth of information such as numbers of indexed pages, back links, related links, the density of keywords, Alexa info, whois data among others. It can also highlight the no-follow links, in order to avoid making bad link exchanges. The module is very discrete and can be placed at different places in your browser, you can also activate and deactivate it very easily without having to restart Firefox.
See how your website looks like in Internet Explorer with one click. Because IE has the lions share of the browser market, it is best to always make sure your website is compatible with it.
KGen retrieves the keywords of a page and lets you know how many times they appear on it and their weight in the page (a word in the title of a page has a stronger weight than a word in a paragraph). So, you can easily know how to optimize your pages, know what’s the secret of your competitors or simply know what’s the main subject of a webpage. You can also select some words and transfer them to your clipboard and paste them on tag fields on your favorite social network or fill meta-keywords of your web pages. You can also generate a tag cloud for your blog.
There are more other web development and  SEO add-ons on the add-ons page of Mozilla. But these 5 are definitely a must have if you want to make your SEO work more easy and fruitful.

8 cool Songbird addons you must try today

Songbird, the cross platform, open source media player, is to multimedia what Firefox is to browsers.  If you already do not have it installed on your system, please do so now before you continue reading. Ubuntu users can follow the steps here. Windows users can just do the usual double clicking on the .exe file.
Songbird is packed with awesome features that makes it a real must have app on your box. There are certain things that it can do which the popular iTunes cannot. The best part of Songbird is that you can extensively customize it with the hundreds of addons available to you. Lets take a look at 8 of such addons that you really need to try on your Songbird.
LiveTweeter for Songbird helps you tweet your tunes. It allows you to post what you are listening on both Twitter and MSN Messenger/Windows Live Messenger. Tweet your tunes with ease with LiveTweeter for Songbird. The  LiveTweeter addon is cross-platform and it works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
Learn more about the artist currently playing from Wikipedia. The information is displayed in the bottom content pane by default. More knowledge of your artist as you enjoy their work.
This time around you can enjoy your Apple toy on your PC without hassle or iTunes. Play your iPod from Songbird and synchronize it with your Songbird library using the iPod device Songbird extension. This extension will mount your iPod in Songbird, allowing you to play songs from your iPod library and playlists. This extension also allows you to copy songs to your iPod or synchronize your iPod from your Songbird library.
This extension simply imports your iTunes library into Songbird.
The iTunes Library Importer functionality is built into Songbird 0.7 and later. You can find it in the preferences under “iTunes Importer.” Simply install the iTunes library importer Songbird extension from the Tools/Add-ons menu, and you’ll be able to import your iTunes music library into Songbird using the “File/Import a Library…” menu item.
The iTunes importer may be used on Linux to import an iTunes library from Mac or Windows. However, the file paths in the iTunes library file must be modified first. For example, a global change such as changing “D:” to “mnt/data” would allow an import of files that were stored on a Windows “D:” drive and mounted on a Linux “/mnt/data” drive.
Simple. Playback M4P files you purchased from the iTunes Music Store. Must have.
This is an addon that works on both Songbird and Firefox. CustomizeGoogle adds links to other search engines and services like social bookmarking websites, removes ads, lets you “scroll infinitely” through search results, make Google services more secure with https://, and other additions that make Google services better.
This addon defines bittorrent made easy. It’s an extension that allows you to download torrents in Songbird (please check if using bittorrent is legal in your locality before using).
Do you like to be reading the lyrics of your song while it’s playing? Then LyricMaster is your answer. It does among other things
  • Displays an icon next to the track in the library if the track has lyrics.
  • Displays the lyrics a song has embedded through metadata.
  • Fetch the lyrics if the song contains no lyric metadata.
  • Allows you to edit the lyrics a song contains.
These are what I think are some cool addons you should give a try today. There are hundreds available that you can try to find your best fit. I would really appreciate it if you share your own list with me.

6 must have addons to enhance your Openoffice.org experience

Almost everybody does a certain amount of word processing on their systems. One of the most popular word processing apps around is OpenOffice, the 3rd version of which as at yesterday (October 28) has been downloaded a hundred million times.
What makes this great office suite wonderful to use is the extent to which  you can customize it with the thousands of freely available addons. These addons add extra features to make working with Openoffice very interesting. Below are 6 of such addons you definitely need to install to take your Openoffice.org to the max.
This is a cool OpenOffice.org wrapper for Google Translate. It allows you to translate a document to any language using Google Translate library as the backend. This is particularly useful when you want to quickly translate your document or part of it from one language to another without having to copy paste it in online interface. OOTranslator provides a nice and simple interface which allows you to customize its behaviour using various options. Definitely a must have.
How many times have you wanted to insert page numbers on those documents you typed and wished to heaven there was an easy way to do it? Well your prayers have been answered. Pagination is simply a little macro that adds an ‘Insert / Page number…’ dialog to writer. It eases the way you can add page numbers to a document. Definitely must add.
This addon makes inserting special characters into your document a breeze. Compose Special Characters lets you type two or three characters and use a keyboard shortcut to convert them into a single accented or special character. It works on Writer and Calc. You can also use a dialog to insert any supported character. The dialog lists all supported characters and the character combinations you use to compose them. The characters are categorised in the dialog for easier reference. Once you know the character combination you need for any particular character you don’t need to use the dialog if you assign a shortcut key to the Compose function. You can then type the character combination and press your shortcut to get your composed character as you type.
This is a very good addon for Impress which makes learning very fun and aids easy memorization. OpenCards  uses slide-titles as flashcard fronts and the slide contents as their backs. Based on state-of-the-art memorization and scheduling algorithms OpenCards will help you to learn any set of flashcards.  The two great reasons why I like this addon is that it allows you to learn any Impress/Powerpoint-files as flashcard-set without conversion and it also reduces your memorization efforts by implementing state-of-the-art methods for spaced repetition.  Definitely a must have especially if you are a student.
This addon gives you splendid professional looking templates for your word processing, number crunching and presentations. It has over 120 templates for Writer, Calc and Impress. It has among others, templates for
  •      Business correspondence templates in six different layouts
  •      Budget and project plan templates
  •      Event posters in six different layouts
  •      Invoices, notes, minutes, press release templates in six different layouts
  •      Presentation templates
  •      A dozen formal and personal letter templates
  •      Business card templates
This is a  must have template for every OpenOffice.org user. It adds the professional touch to your documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
This simple addon works on Calc, Writer, Draw and Impress by analyzing how frequently you use the same words and use these words as tags for templates. It will display you a dialog where you can see in the descending order how often what word was used in your document. The purpose of this is to simplify the process of filling in template properties for OpenOffice.org Templates. One less work and filling for you to do.  
These are 6 simple addons that will add some spark to your Openoffice.org suite and hopefully increase your productivity. There are thousands of others that you can choose from and if you know some coding, could even create your own. I hope you like them as much as I do and look forward to hearing your view of them and which ones you prefer using.

BTW did you know you can watch thousands of satellite channels on your computer without a satellite dish or monthly subscription?

7 greatest Firefox addons of all time you must install right now!

Firefox is no doubt the biggest and greatest Open Source project to date; something that all ‘fundamentalists’ on both sides of the OS divide agree on. What has made this browser that was created from the ghost of  a predecessor- the Netscape Navigator- so popular and successful is the extent to which you can customize it with the thousands of freely available addons. Below are 7 greatest of the great addons of all time you must install right now after reading.
This addon is simply a must have especially for Windows users. Its most appealing feature is that it informs you if a web page is malicious, sends spam, contains spyware, online scams, identity theft, and more. It also alerts you about sites that are unsafe for children and let’s you erase these sites from your Firefox history automatically; saves you the embarrassment of your kids accidentally seeing that pron site you visited last night 🙂 . It also rates ethical behavior of a site’s company including social responsibility, business practices, environmental impact, etc. The list of features packed in this addon is endless and is definitely a must add to your amazing Firefox.
Do you want to save money in online shopping  especially in this economic heat and meltdown? No? Then skip this addon to the next one. But if you answered yes, then read on. This nifty addon works quietly in the background by comparing prices elsewhere with the one you are currently viewing, if it finds a price lower than what you are looking at, it immediately alerts you of it in a discreet and non intruding way. You really stand to save a lot of money with this simple addon which is almost invisible on your browser. It definitely is a must have if you shop online.
The amount of information on the internet is very huge. And I mean huge, so much so that you can never keep up with it. This is where Glydo comes in. What this addon does is that it discovers new and exciting content for you by detecting and analyzing the pages you are viewing right now. Recommended content is made easily available through your browser’s statusbar, and does not interrupt your browsing. It makes a comprehensive search of the entire web- Twitter, news, videos,Wikipedia, IMDB, Last.fm, blogs, etc- and delivers the most relevant information pertaining to what you are currently viewing. Definitely a must add.
Ever come across a certain webpage that you really wanted to read but just did not want to clutter your bookmark list since it’s just a one time read?  Then
Readitlater can help. What this addon does is that it allows you to save pages of interest to read later. It helps you save pages to a reading list to read when you have time. You can manage your list in any browser or on any device, view your list from anywhere with automatic rss feeds of your items and more. It also works on all popular mobile platforms and all browsers. Definitely a must add.
This addon simply gives you a preview of what the video is about before you watch it, without having to navigate away from the page. Preview video links in Twitter instead of blindly clicking shortened URLs. With Videosurf videos, you can easily find the video you want, avoid spam and jump to specific moments in a video. Video summaries and related videos are available for all the popular video sharing sites. Really a must have for ‘videophytes’ like myself. After deciding what video to watch, use Downthemall (the best download manager from FOSS) to bring them all down to your local hdd.
This addon, aka Smarterfox, saves you time by speeding up repetitive tasks. It gives you  faster, parallelized downloads, auto-loading of next page, improved searching, and more. FastestFox will dramatically enhance your productivity. Check out the images here and see for yourself how this Fox can make your Firefox smarter and faster. Really a must have.
Formerly known as Foxmarks, this addon is the king of bookmark management that you will ever need on your computer. Install Xmarks on each computer you use, and it will seamlessly integrate with your web browser and keep your bookmarks safely backed up and in sync. Xmarks will also sync across browsers too. It now supports Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari (Mac OS). There is also a bonus Secure Password Sync feature which is optional. The sure fire way to get a feel of this must have addon is to install it right now and give it a try. You will be glad you did.
These are the Ghabuntu.com greatest Firefox addons of all time that you definitely need to install right this moment if you already do not have them. I know there are thousands more addons there that you can choose from. I would be glad to hear those that you prefer above the ones on this list. Share your preference.