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ClipGrab- A Simple Way to Grab YouTube Videos On Linux

ClipGrab is a simple open source, free software application that makes grabbing and converting videos from sites like YouTube on the fly very simple. Simple open the application, enter the url of the video you want to download and configure your parameters for conversion. Hit grab.

[Release] MIR Translator – Translate text captured by the Nokia N900 mobile camera

MIR Translator is an application for translating text in photos taken by the N900 camera. It experiments with novel interactive techniques to perform text recognition. Currently the app supports translation to and from over 30 different languages.

Three video transcoding applications for Linux worth knowing

If you are a movie junkie like me, chances are you have quite a number of movies on your computer that would be nice watching on your DVD player or home theater system, mobile phone or portable multimedia device. Being a Linux user, the following three applications should help you with your transcoding task without resorting to the terminal. TransmageddonFrom the site, “Transmageddon is a video transcoder for Linux and Unix systems built using GStreamer.

The Nokia Point and Find- Add more usefulness to your phone

Unlike in North America where the iPhone is the dominant player, in most parts of the world Nokia still rules. A few hours ago I had an email from the Nokia Ovi service (I’m on the mailing list) introducing me to the Point and Find Application. It is a really cool application that could make using one’s Nokia phone more fun and useful at the same time.

Tweepi- Put some sanity back into your Twitter account

The make money online for nothing spammers seem to have taken over Twitter these days. I doubt if there is a single one of you that has more than a 100 friends and is still free of those accounts. Tweepi is a very geeky (no terminal for sure) application that will help you prune out the bots from the humans in your stream.

Why does Ubuntu keep shipping with Evolution?

The Evolution mail client has been the default such application in Ubuntu since I got to know of Linux. Sure it is the default GNOME mail/calendar application, but I really am of the view that Ubuntu needs to drop it in favor of say Mozilla’s very brilliant Thunderbird. For one thing running Evolution on my machine makes me wonder if it is IE in disguise.

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