Crossfire- Another Open Source MMORPG

For most hardcore gamers, Linux is a no go area for a seemingly lack of game titles. “Crossfire is a multiplayer graphical arcade and adventure game made for the X-Windows environment. It has certain flavours from other games, especially Gauntlet and Nethack/Moria. Any number of players can move around in their own window, finding and using items and battle monsters. They can choose to cooperate or compete in the same “world.”
To play the game, you’ll need a client with which you can connect to any of the available servers. Alternatively, you install the game on your own server which you can then add to the metaserver list so others can connect to yours.
Crossfire has Windows, Linux and OSX clients available for download, with the server also ported over to Windows.

AssaultCube – An awesome FPS game for Linux.

Based upon the Cube engine, AssaultCube is a fast paced, first-person shooter, (partially) open source, cross platform game. Formerly called ActionCube, this game can be played both online with hundreds of other players from around the world or in a single player mode against computer controlled bots.
There are two different teams in AssaultCube, called the Cubers Liberations Army (CLA) and the Rabid Viper Special Forces (RVSF), with 12 different game levels excluding the single player mode. The game delivers a realistic environment while being very gracious on system resources.
Testing it on a 512MB RAM and 2GHz  Intel Celeron processor Ubuntu powered box, it run great both in the single player mode and online.
AssaultCube retains a movement bug from the original Cube engine that allows players to utilize straferunning to move at a faster speed. This was left intentionally unfixed by the developers because it was considered an enjoyable feature of Cube, similar to bunny hopping in Quake.
Another rather unrealistic feature of the game is the potential for using the recoil of the weapons (which pushes one backwards) to reach and perform moves that were previously impossible. This was also included intentionally, allowing players to achieve faster movement and jump higher. This feature was inherited from Cube, though it was absent in the original release of AssaultCube.
AssaultCube’s weapons are all fictional and fill the basic niches of a modern first-person shooter: the assault rifle, sub-machine gun, sniper rifle, pistol, knife, and shotgun.
The installation file is an incredible 40MB and is available for download for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. For Linux users, just extract the downloaded file and navigate to the directory where you’ve put it, then issue the command.
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Linux-gamers -Play 33 world class games on Linux without installation

One of the strong criticisms leveled against Linux is the lack of  good quality games for the platform. A lot of strides have been made in getting games ported to the Linux platform. One of the attempts to make games playable on Linux caught my attention. It is the project.
This project has managed to get 33 world class games onto one DVD that you can play on your Linux box without having to install, compile or configure anything  The distro on which this project is based is Arch Linux, one of the well known distros. The DVD is a live one and thus all you have to do is to just boot into the DVD to start enjoying. Some of the games found on the LiveDVD are
The DVD is designed to run on more modern i686-capable architecture computers with a minimum of 512MB memory and videocard with 3d acceleration. However, if your computer is old, worry not. You can download the lite version of the collection with games suitable for older computers. You can download directly via FTP or use the bit-torrent protocol.
The current stable release is 0.9.5 and comes with some bug fixes and an addition of new games to the collection. So if you want to enjoy free world class games on your Linux powered box without wanting to make any changes to your current system or having to go through compiling anything from sources, then is the right place to head. Have used Linux gamers DVD before? How was your experience? Please share with us.