5 modules that should come by default in Drupal.

Drupal is a great CMS no doubt. I have gone round and tried lots of them, but I still come back to Drupal. However, the more I use it, the more I feel that the following five modules should actually come by default with every Drupal installation.
I cannot for the life of me think why Drupal ships without a basic WYSIWYG. I believe the logic is to let you choose from the dozens of them available from the modules directory. But I am of the view that a simple WYSIWYG shipping with Drupal makes life easy to some extent. Having to download and install a module all the time so I can use a WYSIWYG is very much IMHO so 1999ish.
Global Path Redirect
With the option of choosing a url alias comes the problem of duplicate content which can really piss the Goole bot off very much. This module simply redirects one url to the other when they are the same but come with the native Drupal name and your chosen alias. Having this by default will go a long way to help in terms of SEO.
As much as I know, Drupal does not send emails on its own. It relies on your mail server to actually do that. Since a CMS revolves around users registering and interactiing with sites, why not have this module handy out of the box. I know there are other means people use to send mails from Drupal, some of which I am yet to learn. But the SMTP module so far makes life very easy.
The Administration Menu
Though not much of a necessity, the admin menu makes navigating your Drupal backend more pleasant and very, very easy. A simple menu that can be fixed at the very top of the page and links you to every part of the site is a very helpful tool that will do well coming out of the box with Drupal.

Yea. Cron. I think having this application by default will make managing your Drupal install quite easy. I like most others, do not have any need for a customized Cron script. Poormanscron does the job just fine.

These are the five modules that I would very much love to see being part of the Drupal default installation. Of course lots of reasons go into choosing the default stack of applications for any such project. 
But these five to me, are very much indispensable and can go a long way to improve the experience of any newbie to the CMS. If you are a Drupal user, I’d love to know what modules are must for you after every Drupal install which you’d love to see come out of the box.

FireFound- Track your stolen or missing computer through Firefox

FireFound is a Firefox addon that lets you track your stolen computer by logging into your FireFound account on any other computer with an internet connection. It is also available for Fennec, the mobile version of Firefox for the Nokia N900 and other smartphones.
It works by sending your computers current location to a server and keeps on doing that anytime the location changes. So when you lose your computer either via theft or it gets missing, all you have to do is to login to the FireFound site with the username and password you created when you installed the addon.
You can also tell FireFound to clear your everything from your browser-history, bookmarks, passwords- if anyone starts your browser before you can retrieve it. Additionally, you could also host your own FireFound server with the source code, which is available for download
I have just installed this addon because it looks really promising to me. I would like to have some form of solace in case- God forbid 🙂 – I lose my lappy. You ought to do same.

25 most irresistible Firefox Themes

Firefox is perhaps the most widely known browser after IE and one of the things that makes it so popular is its customizability. The following 25 themes are among the most irresistible of the Firefox range of themes. Just install and enjoy them.

1. Camifox

2. Kempelton

3. Phoenity Reborn

4. Strata Aero
strata aero 

5. ACE Safari Foxdie  : Comes in 6 different versions

6. Abaca classic

7. Abstract Zune

8. Abstract Classic
abstract classic 

9. Just Black (A Cylence theme for Firefox 3)

10. Cavendish

11. iPox

12. Miint

13. Noia 2.0 (eXtreme)

14. Vista-aero: The best IE7 theme for Firefox

15. Office 2007 Black: The Office 2007 look

16. Firefox 2 theme for Firefox 3: Get back that old look


18. Mario Bros: Not exactly beautiful but cute. You will like it if you are a fan of the game

19. Aero Silver Fox

20. MidnightFox

21. Eternal

22. Urethane Light

23. Bister

24. Longhorn Duo

25. Dreamland