Why can’t they leave Google alone?!

I love Google, very much, and I really want Google to make a lot of money. And I mean a lot. Because for every cent Google makes, I benefit in some way. There is no doubt that Google has done a lot to make computing easier for millions of people, especially in developing countries with its massive array of splendid, free products. And if for nothing at all, Google is nice to Open Source.
The recent brouhaha over its book deal really irks me a lot. The deal has the potential of making valuable knowledge available to virtually every being on this earth on a scale never known to man. And yet what do we see? Various competitors, led by arch rival Microsoft, are doing all they can to thwart the deal. The way I understand the deal, and please correct me if I am wrong, is that Google will have the right to display and sell books from authors who it can’t find, and then save any profit from those for five years in case the rights holder shows up.
At least this sounds sane to me. Making knowledge easily accessible is nothing bad. But I understand the apprehensions Google’s competitors, especially Microsoft are experincing. If there is one company out there that can match Microsoft boot for boot, then it is Google, and thus Microsoft’s vehement opposition to the deal. But what about the benefits that the deal has the potential of bringing? From the primary level right up to university through to top level management, all stand to benefit from the deal.
I really wish all the mostly empty opposition to the deal will just end. So far Google’s Book Search has indexed over10 million books from among the top universities in the US and around the world. This is no doubt a great array of knowledge available to all. Also, what I understand from the deal is that books in copyright but out-of-print become available for viewing and purchase by the public, and researchers and students at universities will get access to the full technology.
This is not something to be glossed over in the name of competition. The Google book deal simply has the potential of changing how knowledge is disseminated, and that is not something harmful to mankind. Microsoft has more monopoly power than Google has, and yet every single move by Google is scrutinized with the eyes of a hawk. 
I humbly urge all authorities involved in the book deal settlement to give a deep thought to the unprecedented benefits the deal will bring to the hundreds of millions of students, researchers, authors, publishers, and readers alike.To all those who are opposing the deal, I say to them, please leave Google alone. For it is the only global company on the internet that really has its users at heart. Please just leave our Google alone for us. We love Google and Google loves us back.
What is your take on the Google Book Deal? Do you think it is worthwhile? Have you used the Google Book Search before? What are your experiences? Please share your thoughts.


Dear Mr. Google, I write these few words of mine to tell you how pleased I am with you and how much I love you. Just recently, I read on  your African blog about the good initiative you have taken in  Uganda to make technology accessible to my fellow African brothers and sisters. To say your effort is commendable would be an understatement.

Mr. Google, I really admire you a lot for so many reasons. The first of which is your very powerful email service that you have Christened Gmail. She is in my view, the best email service around. She really is a service that actually thinks and makes the task of organizing my mail account very easy, fun and an enjoyable task. I will forever be a Gmail evangelist and fan. I have done  my best to get as many of my friends and colleagues as possible to use your baby Gmail.

The second reason why I adore you so much is for another of your children called Picasa. This is really a very great child that makes organizing my photos a great hobby. In fact, I have taken more pictures not for any reason other than to just get to use Picasa.You even gave me the option to download him to my PC. I have also come across lots of very nice people from all over the world, seen a lot of weird stuff and have filled my e-album with tonnes of pictures thanks to this wonderful child of yours.

Another of your children that has made me admire you so much is your geo location son called Google Earth on my PC and Google Maps on my phone. He is really breath taking and captivating to say the least. He flies me to any corner of the world in seconds, gives me the chance to dive under the ocean, explore ship wrecks, visit historical sites and more things that I could only dream of and thought was only possible in Hollywood sci-fi movies, all from the comfort of my sofa. This son of yours is really great and is now my friend for life.

Google Docs is in my view, the most incredible of your children. A full fledged office suite in the cloud that makes document generation, manipulation and storage so easy, simple, time saving and so irresistible that I sometimes hardly believe such a thing could exist since I have spent all my “office suite” life using one that only worked as it chose to and could not be relied upon for long. I can work on my  stock report update in the office, not bother to save anything to any media, and get home to continue with it. I now do all my word processing and spread sheet work with this wonderful daughter of yours. Please tell her i said hi.

There are other children of yours that I just wish I could write about but can’t due to time constraint. Blogger and Youtube readily come to mind among others. Then there is your genuine interest in putting money in the pockets of nobodies like me with your Adsense for small, corner web publishers, thoughi have not yet earned my first pay check. In fact Mr. Google, I could spend the whole day writing about how i love you and never run out of words.

Recently there have been rumors that the US DOJ intends to scrutinize you for being too “big” and that you are getting too powerful. Please Mr. Google, don’t mind them. You have attained your “bigness” by making ordinary people like me from all over the world the cardinal focus of your life. You strive day and night to bring forth to children that are of real benefit to us and for that we the nobodies love you with all our hearts.

To those who say you are becoming too “big” and powerful, I say to them that please leave Mr. Google alone for us. We love him and he loves us. He does not force us to be his friends. We are so on our own will because he has given birth to wonderful, powerful children that he makes us benefit from from absolutely free and I mean FREE. If you don’t like him, there are always others you can befriend. For us, we are Googlers for ever. This is just the beginning of the surge of Mr. Google as a major world player.

Mr. Google, I wish I had the time to sing you a song of appreciation. But don’t worry. In my next letter to you, I will include a special song I have composed for your enjoyment. I wish you a lovely day and the best of brains to keep having such wonderful, powerful and intuitive children for the benefit of ordinary people like me. Thank you and always know that I love you so much. Take care.

A lover, admirer and friend from Ghana.