Another $50 Android iPad Copycat Spotted in the Wild

Stamp is a prototype $50 Android tablet that is causing quite a lot of buzz in the gizmo circles. It comes right at the heels of another Indian $35 iPad clone that is meant for students.
My title might cause some controversy I know, but no matter how you look at it, virtually all the new tablets coming out are more or less better featured iPad clones. We need originality, something that is powered by Android and not based on what Apple has. Will this tablet take off at all? Only time can tell.

Can we get a break from the iPad number crunching please?

“The iPad is selling XYZ units per ABC…,” and so what? I really am at the point of getting sickened with all the iPad counting frenzy going on in some quarters of the web. Come on folks, there’s over 2 billion people on that information super highway. 
And mind you, there are 6 continents that make up this world. So if the iHype is making some “pretty impressive” sales in North America and some parts of Europe, the rest of us still want to read news other than how much is being added to the Apple bottom line. 
Sure it is nice to see such a “revolutionary” slab that will change the way we read e-books and consume even more data from the iTunes store. But that is for those that are in the Apple hype bandwagon. There is still more of us that will rather use something we can for now, play Farmville with.

Want an iPad? Get the Joojoo instead!

You love the iPad and cannot wait to have one in your hands right?  Forget it! Go for a JooJoo instead. At a price of $359, you will be glad you did. For starters, it boots at 9 seconds. Can someone say fast please. Thanks! With a 12.1 inch capacitive touch screen, the web just got bigger and clearer.
Then there is multi-tasking. Yes. You can do more than one thing at a time on the JooJoo. Browse and listen to music simultaneously. It’s up to you. It also supports high-def videos out of the box. Watch your favorite videos on the device in crystal clear high definition using the JooJoo player.
It comes with built in camera, USB port, 4GB SSD, Intel 1.6 Ghz, Nvidia Ion Graphics card and weighs 1.1KG. Impressive right? However, it bears two similarities with the Apple iPad: it has no physical keyboard, neither can one remove the battery. 
The first I’m ok with, the second similarity I think is really foolish. I want to be able to change the battery of what I BUY. 
The JooJoo also spots a Bluetooth 2.1 EDR technology and Wifi (802.11 b/g/b). You can take a look at the full specs and make the comparison yourself. And finally, the JooJoo boasts of having the largest app store in the world. It is called the internet. No more lock down to one particular app store. Seek whatever app you want and install it. 
So what do you think of the JooJoo? Would you rather still use an iPad? What do you like or dislike about both devices? Share your thoughts!

The Steve Jobs of 1983 against the Apple Inc. of 2010

I have never used a single Apple product in my life before, and never dream to. With the way Apple is increasingly blazing the way to turning people into mere consumers, where you in reality do not *own* what you buy, I feel very sad for what the future holds should Jobs get his way.
I also find it very sad the way people, some from very reputed so called research firms are rushing head over heels to tell us how useful the iPad is, even though it is manifestly clear that the device is at best, a solution looking for a problem. And to those that are touting it as revolutionary device, I can only sympathize with their extreme love and fanboyism for everything Apple.
I really respect companies that make genuinely useful products for people to buy and in return make profits. I also understand it when a company seeks to protect what rightly belongs to them in terms of trade competitiveness and IP. However, I can never understand, agree with, support or buy from a company that actually looks at people that buy their products as nothing more than consumers who can only be dictated to.
The video below of Steve Jobs ushering in the 1984 Mac 2 add really makes him a very interesting figure. I find it very funny that he is doing today what he in the video was accusing IBM of doing. Just take a look and tell me what you think.

What is it about Apple Inc., really?

The mystery around which Apple Inc. is shrouded really boggles my mind. What actually compounded this mystery to me is how 90000 iPads are rumored to have been ordered in a spate of what, 48 hours? I just keep asking myself, what is it that makes Apple toys so special even if they come at a *huge* cost, both economically and philosophically?
I have not used an Apple product before, and don’t know if I ever will, but I definitely can feel the kind of sentimental attachment that its users have with their products, what is it, really? I mean what makes Apple products so special and different such that people buy it even though it is the most restrictive of companies?
Perhaps those of you that have or still use Apple toys can help clear my head of the cobwebs that are causing me to not understand the mystery called Apple Inc.