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Dear Nokia, I was not completely right

I used to be one of those people that actually believed Nokia still has no device to match the iPhone. But it apparently turns out that I was consuming too much news from American journalists who mostly get free iPhones and thus have to justify it by singing the hell out of it. The view I actually hold now is that Nokia has a device that Apple will never match.

2 Nokia Handset Annoyances that Need to be Checked

Being the largest handset manufacturer, Nokia undoubtedly has lots of work on their hands. There is also no doubt that they manufacture the most superior handsets in terms of hardware in the world. However, there are two annoyances on Nokia phones that I cannot understand why they should be there in the first place.

Dear Apple Fanatics, the World is Bigger than America!

There seems to never be an endless Apple (or is it crApple?) fanboism from so called tech bloggers/reporters out there who go out of their way to discredit anything that looks a little bit like competition to anything Jobsian. Nokia has not yet released its N8 phone and already we have articles going up trying desperately to tell the world how crappy the phone is compared to the iPhone (or is it hypePhone?

Can Android be the answer to Nokia’s Problems?

With a slew of new handsets, Nokia hopes to maintain- and hopefully regain- its position as the most dominant handset brand in the world. With it’s “fight back” strategy, it is clearly pointing its guns at Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android platforms. I have been wondering if it can really succeed against the tide of the two platforms that seem to be causing uncontrollable stir and insomnia to all parties in the industry.

Get this Anti-Virus for your Nokia Smartphone!

Using a smartphone, unlike a feature phone, is like running a computer, complete with its attendant security risks and headaches. For Nokia Symbian S60 phone users, Netqin mobile AV available from the Ovi Store or GetJar should be a must have if you are interested in having control over the security of your phone. Netqin Mobile Antivirus I personally like this one for its simplicity, resource efficiency and cost.

Can these Phones Save Nokia?

Nokia has announced a number of sleek new handsets at its on going Nokia World 2010 in London. These devices are clearly aimed at going after both the iPhone and Android, two platforms that are bent on eating up all of Nokia’s smartphone market share. The question that begs for an answer now is can these devices really save Nokia its market share and help it win some more, especially in the very competitive American smartphone market landscape?

The Apple iPhone 4? – I’d rather have this one!

While everyone is excited about the new iPhone 4 which now has a front facing camera, bluetooth, support for UMTS and GSM 3G among others, I sit quietly here in my room and dream about the phone in the video below. In case you do not know, there is a bigger, better and more innovative phone maker out there called Nokia that also unveiled their N8 phone not so long ago. Oh and here is some info to accompany the video

The Nokia Point and Find- Add more usefulness to your phone

Unlike in North America where the iPhone is the dominant player, in most parts of the world Nokia still rules. A few hours ago I had an email from the Nokia Ovi service (I’m on the mailing list) introducing me to the Point and Find Application. It is a really cool application that could make using one’s Nokia phone more fun and useful at the same time.

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